Our Mission

We make the energy smart, by creating awareness for a more sustainable future.

The goals that group the Evogy’s founders are the focus on digital Energy services and the environment sustainability through the services offered. The fundamental value of Evogy is maximize its positive impact on society and the environment, through the awareness that technology can improve our world.

Who is Evogy?

Evogy is an innovative player in digital energy field. By using the IoT solution called Simon “the digital energy specialist”, we offer data driven devices, collecting data from the energy field and elaborating them through machine learning algorithms, aiming to optimize the energy management of the industrial facilities and in the tertiary sector.

Evogy was born from the partnership of four specialists, qualified in the field of digital technologies and energy management, with the Evolvere group, undisputed leader of the distributed generation in Italy, and the Esapro group, leader of renewable energies market.

il team evogy

Our Logo

Evogy chose as a logo 5 asterisks with soft colors: orange, aquamarine, pink, magenta and ochre. They stand for the algorithms, which own a soul because they express and feel emotions. Each asterisk matches a letter of Evogy and, therefore, it takes on a specific meaning.

  • Evolution
  • Value
  • Observation
  • Generation
  • Y= (energy x tecnology)awereness
immagine simbolica dell'albero che noi di evogy regaliamo ai nostri clienti

A tree for our clients

Trees can absorb CO2 up to a rate of 12 kg/tree/year

The plant that we give belongs to the Evogy Forest in Camerun and it will contribute to the absorption of CO2. Thanks to a personalized link, each client will be able to see the position, how much carbon dioxide it gains and how it supports the economic development of the area in which it lies.

Why Evogy?

What our customer say about us

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