Evolution Energy



The team

"To reach challenging goals, you need a mix of dedication, resourcefulness, competence ... and a touch of madness."

Tiziano Arriga

CEO & Co-Founder

+20 years as a manager of large companies, my experience is divided between the world of energy management and the one of digital technology. I'm a fan of energy saving as a fundamental factor for a better and greener world. My personal propensity is towards people and the expression of their talent.

Stefano Zanin

CTO & Co-Founder

For over 15 years I have been dealing with telecontrol and telecommunication solutions applied to the energy world, both utility grade and for the free market. Passion and ambition are the values ​that guide me in every choice, personal and professional.

Tiziano Zani

COO & Co-Founder

I have over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of electronic devices and in the application of technologies related to the world of energy and smart metering. "Technology simplifies life" is the motto that pushes me to meet the challenges posed by the digital technology revolution now in place.

Michel Capitanio

Michel Capitanio

Solutions Architect & Co-Founder

I am a DevOps Engineer with 10 years of experience in creating web applications and designing software architectures. Curiosity and determination are my distinctive features.

Tania danesi


I graduated in 2018 in "Public Relations and Business Communication" at the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM in Milan. My smart personality directed to the world of communication and the passion for digital, have stimulated me to look for a dynamic environment that brings out my creativity and spirit of initiative.

silvia pavan


Sono laureata in Marketing&Comunicazione all’Università Cattolica di Milano. I have a degree in Marketing & Communication from Università Cattolica of Milan. I worked in the banking sector for 12 years, but my passion for creativity convinced me to move towards my first working love: marketing. I am very sensitive to the environmental aspect and to energy efficiency, as well as being a fan of basketball and running.

Giorgio dodesini


I'm 22 and I study and work at the same time. I attended 4 years of Professional school with electrical address and I am currently studying to graduate as a Computer Expert. My main passion is listening to audio books, which is followed by a particular interest in RPG and MOBA videogames.

Manuel Rallo

Sales Manager

After years of experience in the electricity and renewable energy sector, I started some entrepreneurial initiatives in different sectors, achieving important results. My experiences have helped me to have the ability to plan the activities strategically, in order to achieve the goals. I prefer team sport and my mantra is "Innovation, like sport, needs constant planning and commitment"