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We are a TESP (Technology and Energy service provider)company which combines technology and artificial intelligence for the control and efficient management of energy.

Analysis of energy data

We create projects of monitoring and data collection for the improvement of consumption and of the performance of energy systems in the industrial and tertiary sector.

Dynamic and smart control

We create innovative solutions in order to control energy loads by using algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, that can respond in real time to operative and environmental variations.

Demand Response

We create and manage monitoring architectures, and control the energy parameters of buildings and processes inside of industrial, commercial and residential sites, in order to provide Demand Response services.

Evogy will take part in the Richmond Energy Forum

It’s a great pleasure to announce our participation with ZQLab, to the Richmond Energy Forum that will take place in Rimini the 7th and 8th of October. That will be an opportunity to show our digital platform called Simon, specifically designated for the Internet of Energy, the energy managers and for the providers of strategic choices in the field of Energy.

Our services

Energy becomes digital

We help you design innovative services in the energy field, thanks to IoT technologies and Machine Learning algorithms


The Digital Energy Specialist

Simon is an integrated solution which, through the SimonLab, handles smartly the energy saving installations, and the Demand Response in the industrial and tertiary sector.

Dynamic, it operates the building plants remotely and in real-time
Efficient, because it follows the environment and operative’s variations
Smart, because it’s supervised by algorithms
Convenient, because it can adapt to the market price

Come visit us at our office

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Come visit us at our office

  • Address: Via Pastrengo 9, 24068 Seriate (BG)
  • Telephone: (+39) 329 901 63 61
  • Email: info@evogy.it
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